Crazy Busy: The Thorn Choking the Life Out of Your Life in God (Luke 10:38-42)

Ray CauslyRay Causly, Sunday, June 4, 2017
Part of the series, preached at a 2nd Service service


About Ray Causly: RAY CAUSLY, better known as Rayza (my rap alias in my younger years), Daddy, Honey, Pastor Ray, Mr. Causly, or Ray-Ray is co-lead Pastor at Living Way and a conference and retreat speaker. His call to preach God’s Word, began when he was just 16. Growing up in a gang and drug infested environment, Ray vowed that he would never live in a neighborhood like the one he grew up in. He worked hard in school, believing that education would be his escape. One day God met him in a dramatic way while eating lunch at school. In that encounter, he came to see the truth behind Christ’s words, “what profit is it to gain the entire world and lose one’s soul!” The reality of a life lived in pursuit of things that are “here today and gone tomorrow” resonated with Ray in a way that left an indelible mark. Twenty-four years later, Ray is still chasing the eternal treasure that Christ is with a passion to see others do the same. Ray has been in pastoral ministry for almost 20 years. Years wrought with joy and pain. Sickness, financial troubles, and the challenges of parenting four beautiful children along with pastoral ministry have shaped he and his wife of 18 years. God has enabled them to see both numerical and spiritual growth in the lives of thousands. God’s power is truly perfected in weakness. Ray loves to listen to Scripture while working out, rap, watch cartoons alone, watch movies with his wife, surf with his son (he’s the only black surfer he knows), eat treats with his youngest daughter, play Vain Glory with his middle daughter, and read fantasy books with his eldest daughter. Most of all, Ray loves Jesus; the Lord, Savior, and Treasure of his life.
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