Making Room for the Gospel

We count it a blessing that Living Hope is alive, but living things grow. Our church to call home is getting more and more crowded – where we park, where we worship and where our children worship. But many, who are in need of a church to call home, are lost, left and last. In order to make room for the gospel, we are experimenting with some changes in 2018.

Starting January 7, 2017…

  1. Three Services at 8:00, 9:30 & 11:30
    We will transition to 3 services: 1st service (8:00), 2nd service (9:30), and 3rd service (11:30). A new 8:00 service time will be in the Catapult Chapel for a more intimate and shorter acoustic service. The 2nd and 3rd services will be in the main sanctuary, continuing the dynamic services we have currently.
  2. Parallel KKC & KKJ Ministries during 9:30 & 11:30
    We will offer full KKJ (0-Preschool) and KKC (K-5th) parallel programs during both the 2nd & 3rd services. Our KKC & KKJ directors (Min Song Lee, Elizabeth Chung, Joohee Lee Choi and Julie Pak) will lead both services and breakout sessions will remain in the same rooms during both services.
  3. Inauguration of Catapult J. High & Catapult Senior High
    We will offer a separate Catapult J. High service (6th-8th grade) and Catapult Senior High (9th-12th grade) services. Catapult J. High will be during the 2nd service and Catapult Senior High will be during the 3rd service. Our Catapult Director, Chris Li, along with an intern, will oversee both ministries while having combined & separate gatherings.


  1. What happens if our family has both a junior high and senior high students?
    We recognize this will be challenging. After researching larger churches, we felt this will best allow both groups to have their own quality worship & space. If your family must be here for both the 2nd and 3rd services, we invite you and your student to have coffee in our new patio or get involved.
  2. When will ancillary classes, events, and meetings take place?
    We will continue to adjust the events calendar as we receive feedback. Currently, we are planning for: Grow Classes (11:30), All-Church Lunches & Lunch Breaks (following 9:30 & 11:30), and the Newcomers Lunch (after 11:30).
  3. What will happen to Family Worship?
    Our current plan is to still have our Catapult join adult worship on the first Sunday of the month and our KKC students join adult worship on the last Sunday of the month.
  4. Do we need help?
    Our greatest need to make room for the lost, left and the last are for KKJ volunteers and volunteers during the 8:00 service. Our budget needs are also growing, but we believe that our members’ tithing will fulfill our financial needs.
  5. Is this permanent?
    This is a six-month trial where we will make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and make course corrections. Please be patient with us during this period.
  6. Which service should I attend?
    You can feel free to attend any of the three services beginning January 7. If you have youth age children, you may want to attend the service which allows your child to attend the appropriate Catapult ministry. For those with KKC or KKJ children, you can choose either the 2nd or 3rd service but may want to become consistent so that your child gets familiar with his/her teacher.
  7. Will there be children’s ministry during the 1st service?
    We are not offering children’s ministry during the 1st service, but you can bring your child in with you to the adult worship.
  8. If my child is at church during multiple services, must they go into KKC or KKJ worship?
    We ask that all children 5th grade or below are always supervised by parents or with their respective programs.
  9. If my youth age child is at church during multiple services, what should they do during the time when they are not worshipping?
    A Catapult student (6th-12th) may serve at KKJ, worship with the adults, or hang out/study in the patio or loft. They should not be wandering around in the areas where KKJ or KKC small groups are happening.
  10. Will the first service offer KKJ, KKC or Catapult programs?
    KKJ, KKC and Catapult are welcomed to join their parents in adult worship during the first service.