“Let Us Pray” is our theme for 2016. It is our desire for our church to develop the heart and habit of prayer. While the members of Living Hope pray individually and with others during many points in our lives and activities, there are three points when prayer is our primary purpose of meeting.


1) Early Morning Prayer

We gather every Saturday early morning (6:30 – 7:30 am) to spend time with God in extended prayer. Think of it as going to the spiritual gym. We encourage cell groups to come together for prayer at least once this year.


2) Prayer ChapelPrayer Chapel

We gather on the second Tuesday evenings (8:00 – 9:00 pm) of the month for corporate prayer. Think of coming together and calling on the name of the Lord in one voice.


3) Sunday Prayer Team

The prayer team gathers every Sunday morning during the second service hour in the Prayer Room (201) to pray for our Ministers, Members and Mission.


Like an athlete who conditions their body through consistent exercise, believers need to condition their spiritual body through consistent prayer. – Pastor Steve

To learn more about prayer at Living Hope, please contact our Ministry Co-Leads: Jimmy Diep ( or Bin Kim (