Cell Group

Cell Groups are Living Hope’s mid-week small group gatherings for food, fellowship, prayer and Christian study.

At Living Hope, we come together as an assembly on Sunday and gather together in small groups during the week. These weekly meetings are the primary means through which the church grows as a community of believers and shares life. The purpose of these more intimate gatherings is to build Christ-driven, meaningful relationships.

Cell Groups are led by Shepherds (listed) who set up the meetings, lead the time, and are responsible for shepherding the group in a life of discipleship to Jesus Christ. We encourage you to check out a Cell Group near you! Please get in touch with the Shepherd in your area.

To sign up for cell group, click: Cell Group Request.

For questions, email cellgroups@livinghopecc.org.

Cell Groups by City (click to view details)

  • Anaheim Hills (HomeBuilder)
    Friday | 6:30 PM
    Ed & Jae Park
    Peter & Matty Park

    We seek to grow deeper in Christ by encouraging each other to understand the gospel of Jesus Christ more fully, pray and read the Bible.  Our cell group typically meets on Friday evenings in the Yorba Linda and Anaheim Hills areas.  Our families are in the growth stage with kids ranging between infants and kindergarten.

  • Brea 1 (Homebuilder)
    Friday | 7:00 PM
    Ben & Irina Tabbal

    The Brea 1 Cell Group spends time in biblical instruction, active discussion, prayer and a ton of good food and laughter during our fellowship. We provide strength, encouragement, prayer and most of all a relaxing fun environment for everyone including children.

  • Brea 3 (Prime)
    Wednesday | 7:00 PM
    Grant & Angie Lee
    Tim Lim

    The Brea 3 cell group is a community of single adults who encourage each other to see what it means to live out the gospel as we share our lives together. We meet Thursday nights to enjoy food, fellowship, and bible study; and believe cell groups are a great way to get plugged into the life of the church.

  • Brea 4 (Homebuilder)
    Sunday | 4:30 PM
    Joe & Joyce Kwon

    If you live in the East Brea area or nearby and are looking for a family-oriented “feels like home” atmosphere, look no further than the Brea 4 cell group!  This is a new group but some of the same old faces “doing life” together.

  • Brea 5 (Prime)
    Thursday | 7:30 PM
    Benson & Sharon Min
    Doo Lim and Sue Nam
    doolim89@gmail.com hsuenam@gmail.com

    Brea 5, we are alive and will only survive under God’s mighty grace. It’s a tough world out there. Our group exists to share life and love one another in a safe and encouraging environment, as we study the Word, share meals and experience life together.

  • Brea 6 (Prime)
    Thursday | 7:30 PM
    Steven Chung

    The Brea 6 Cell Group is a young adult group that meets in our growing cell group region in Brea.

  • Buena Park 2 (Prime/HomeBuilder Mixed)
    Thursday | 7:30 PM
    David & Lydia Yang

    The Buena Park 2 Cell Group is primarily made up of single adults and a couple of recently married. On Thursday nights, we get together to eat, fellowship, and share in one another’s lives.

  • Buena Park 3 (Prime)
    Wednesday | 7:00 PM
    Romin Bahk
    Angie Chang

    Buena Park 3 is a cell group consisting of single, young adults in their 20’s. The purpose of our group is to provide a safe, intimate, and Christ-centered space for people to do life together. We meet on Wednesday evenings for a time of food, sharing, and Bible study.

  • Chino 1 (Homebuilder)
    Jason & Min Lee
    Andrew & Lynn Park

    The Chino 1 Cell Group is made up of young families who meet for Bible study and fellowship in the Chino Preserves neighborhood.

  • Chino 2 (HomeBuilder)
    Sunday (Bi-Weekly) | 4:30 PM
    Robby & Grace Jung
    Tommy & Julie Pak

    The Chino 2 Cell Group is made up of families who meet for Bible Study and fellowship in the Chino and Ontario area.

  • Chino Hills 1 (Prime/HomeBuilder Mixed)
    Wednesday | 6:30 PM
    Sarom Pyun
    Daniel & Jaehee Shin

    The Chino Hills 1 Cell Group consists of HomeBuilders and Primers in our growing cell group region in Chino Hills.

  • Chino Hills 2 (Homebuilder)
    Sunday | 5:00 PM
    Danny & Ericka Hong
    Mona Hwang

    Chino Hills 2 consists of families from Chino Hills all the way up to Claremont. Our kids range from preschool to college age. We are diverse group, with a healthy representation of both native and non-native Californians.  Our goal is encourage one another through genuineness and prayer.

  • Diamond Bar 2 (Homebuilder)
    Friday/Saturday (bi-weekly) | 6:30 PM
    OJ & Monica Kwon

    We are a new group that consists of people who have been at Living Hope for a long time and people who have just recently arrived at our church. However our common goal is to encourage each other through prayer, fellowship and food whenever and wherever we can.

  • Eastvale (Homebuilder)
    Saturday (bi-weekly) | 5:30 PM
    Min & Sunhee Ku

    The Eastvale Cell Group includes families living in Eastvale and Temecula. The children range from new born to elementary school. We enjoy spending time together even outside of regular cell group meetings.

  • Fullerton 1 (Homebuilder)
    Friday | 7:30 PM
    Sam & Kathy Yeo

    Our group welcomes those in the Fullerton area, as we desire to connect with other brothers & sisters in Christ, as well as presenting ourselves as witnesses to the non-believer. Together, we break bread, delve in the Word, and share our lives with openness and prayer.

  • Fullerton 2 (HomeBuilder)
    Friday | 7:30 PM
    Enoch & Connie Choi
    Dave & Anna Song

    Welcome to Fullerton Cell Group 2! We’re a group of families who love good food, fellowship, and growing together in our faith as we live out the Gospel. Life is often busy. Kids can be crazy. Family life and work may be stressful. And church life can be lonely and definitely messy. What better way to tackle all this than by sharing our lives together and praying for one another as we learn to love God and others better!

  • Fullerton 3 (Homebuilder)
    Thursday | 7:00 PM
    Daniel & Beth Kwon
    Andrew & Alice Wang

    The Fullerton 3 Cell Group is made up of singles and young families who live and work in the Fullerton and greater LA area. We enjoy the simple things, such as food, good conversation and discussion, and hanging out. Being in the same life stage helps us to empathize with each other and equips us to encourage one another.

  • Fullerton 4 (Homebuilder)
    Friday | 7:30 PM
    Danny & Jeannie Lee
    Chris & Susan Pak

    The Fullerton 4 Cell Group consists of HomeBuilders in our growing cell group region in Fullerton.

  • Fullerton 5 (HomeBuilder)
    Friday | 6:30 PM
    Charles & Steph May
    Eugene & Julia Kim

    The Fullerton 5 Cell Group consists of HomeBuilders in our growing cell group region in Fullerton.

  • Irvine (Prime)
    Thursday | 7:00 PM
    Michael Zhu
    Rachel Yu

    The Irvine Cell Group meets in our growing cell group region in Irvine.

  • La Mirada (HomeBuilder)
    Friday | 6:30 PM
    JC & Linda Kim

    We are community of busy and fun adults with young boisterous children in the La Mirada area.  We strive to encourage, support, and challenge one another in becoming more Christ-like in our work and at home.

  • Long Beach (Prime/HomeBuilder Mixed)
    Sunday | 5:30 PM
    Mike & Liz Chong
    Jimmy & Lillian Diep

    The Long Beach Cell Group consists of Primers and HomeBuilders in our growing cell group region in Long Beach.

  • Los Angeles 2 (Prime)
    Thursday | 7:30 PM
    Brian Te
    Becca Lu

    The LA 2 Cell Group meets in our growing cell group region in Los Angeles.

  • Pasadena (Homebuilder)
    Saturday (bi-weekly) | 5:00 PM
    Joon & Julie Kang
    Paul & Susan Choi

    The Pasadena Cell Group meets in our growing region in Pasadena. Their schedule varies, so please contact Joon directly to inquire about their next meeting date and time.

  • Placentia (Homebuilder)
    Saturday | 6:00 PM
    David & Cheryl Kim

    The Placentia Cell Group meets in our growing cell group region in Placentia.

  • Rowland Heights (Homebuilders)
    Friday (bi-weekly) | 7:30 PM
    Robert & Irene Yim
    Matt & Jennifer Kwon

    The Rowland Heights Cell Group is a vibrant, fun, caring, loving, and mature group consisting of 10 families with 24 children whose ages range from 6 to 24 years old. We have many years of life experience, which lead to deep discussions at our Bible study meetings as we openly share and pray hard for one another.

  • South Orange County (Homebuilder)
    Saturday | 6:30 PM
    Richard & Janet H.

    Our cell group is made up of families who live in the South OC. We are a family-friendly cell group that meets on a varying schedule of Friday and Sunday evenings for Bible study, fellowship, and food. Our group encourages accountability and growth in our Christian faith.

  • Yorba Linda 1 (Homebuilder)
    Friday | 7:00 PM
    Mark & Kathy Lee
    John & Susan Chung

    The Yorba Linda 1 Cell Group is made up of young and vibrant families with mostly school-aged children. Our group encourages a family environment where the children (and adults) get along and play well together. Discussions in our group center around navigating a Christian family through a secular world.

  • Yorba Linda 2 (Homebuilder)
    Friday | 6:00 PM
    John & Yoonie Chung

    The Yorba Linda 2 Cell Group is made up of a group of local families with children that range from kindergarten to middle school. Our group enjoys sharing meals (and desserts!) and engaging in long conversations. We are striving to become more intimate by candidly studying the Word and praying for one another.

  • Yorba Linda 3 (Homebuilder)
    Friday/Saturday | 7:00 PM
    Young & Sally Lee

    Yorba Linda 3 Cell group is made up of mature families who live in the North Orange County area. We have many children whose ages range from 10 to 26 years old. Our weekly fellowship emphasizes Bible Study, sharing, and praying for each other. We learn and receive encouragements from each other as we raise our kids through different stages.

  • Yorba Linda 4 (Homebuilder)
    Fri/Sat/Sun | 7:00 PM
    James & Alejandra Park

    The Yorba Linda 4 Cell Group meets in our growing cell group region in Yorba Linda.

  • Yorba Linda 5 (Prime/HomeBuilder Mixed)
    Wednesday | 7:00 PM
    Dan & Jenn Han

    The Yorba Linda 5 Cell Group consists of Primers and HomeBuilders in our growing cell group region in Yorba Linda.

  • Yorba Linda 6 (Homebuilder)
    Sunday | 5:00PM
    Frank & Helen Yoon
    David & Janet Ko
    Yorba Linda 6 is a small group community comprised of families from Yorba Linda & Anaheim Hills.  Our goal is to develop Christ-driven genuine friendships by eating together, praying together, and learning together.  We share our lives together.
  • Yorba Linda 7 (Homebuilder)
    Friday (Bi-weekly) | 7:30 PM
    Peter & Lisa Cho