Patio Renovation | Summer 2017

Patio Renovation 2017 Slide

As Living Hope desires to do ministry and be faithful stewards of the space and resources God has given us, we are excited to announce that the Patio Renovation is about to begin! We will post regular updates on the progress of the renovation. To view detailed plans, photos and updates CLICK HERE.


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LOVE HONDURAS is a project where Living Hope is partnering with Compassion International to BUILD A CHURCH and LOVE THE CHILDREN in the community of La Paz, Honduras. We have currently raised $90,375.94 (in excess of the $77,000 needed) in order to begin the building of the church! Praise God!  CLICK HERE to learn more […]

GROW in 2017

Grow Banner (16x10)

We are challenging the people of Living Hope Community Church to GROW in 2017! Visit the GROW Center, which offers training courses for believers to be equipped to better love God, serve others, and reach the world. CLICK HERE for the GROW Center.