ON MISSION this Summer | Compass & STEP

10 May

We are excited and grateful to send out three STEP (Short Term Evangelism Program) Teams and one Compass (Catapult Evangelism) Team this summer. Our teams have been training hard and preparing diligently to do God’s work this summer, as we have 49 LHCC members going out to 4 different cities, in 3 different countries. Together, we will be ministering to over 1,000 children and youth students around the world! Please keep our teams in your prayers.

  • STEP Northeast Asia (June 15-30): Ernie C., Linda C, Noa C., Caleb H., Justin K., Katie L., & Rachel C.



  • STEP East Asia (July 7-28): Michael L., Sarah N., Ian K., Nathan K., Simon C., Danielle L., Emily L., Judy K., & Katie M.



  • STEP Southeast Asia (July 14-29): Romin B., Alicia C., Aaron L., Aaron S., Daniel L., Joseph W., Randy K., Ron J., Jane D., Nikki K., & Paulina C.



  • Compass Central America (July 7-14): Chris L., Jessica L., Ben C., Margie C., Sue N., Sebastian H., Dooro P., Young H., Kiersten K., Adam K., Abby K., Christian M., Tobias K., Jason Y., Alyssa K., Audrey L., Bradley L., Ryan P., Jaime K., Ashley K., Noah H., David J., & Jonah H.